Thursday, February 15, 2018

Updating the Blog News for February 2018

Happy February 2018, the month of LOVE <3
Of course..I love LOVE...don't you? All sorts of love. Love of yourself, love of others, love of family, love of pets, and love of ART  <3

As usual I am spending most of my time making art videos for my Youtube channels. Both my regular channel 'Shel C - PaperOcotilloStudio' and the livestreaming channel with Peg Robinson every Thursday at 10AM Central time 'ART Joy of Sharing LIVE Stream' Here are a few of the videos I have shared this month so far...and even a free coloring page of a Steampunk couple that I drew for this art journal page

Click here for the Steampunk Couple Coloring Page

I started out the month by participating in a video hop with several other channels that belong to the Creative Arts Collabortaion. This video hop was in support of smaller channels that are struggling with the new Youtube requirements for monitization and access to some features. The requirements are 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of view in the last 12 months. This does not effect my channel, but I do NOT want to see small art channels go by the I supported these channels by telling my viewers about the difficulty and asking them to go visit, watch and subscribe to small channels. Here is the art I made and the link to the hop video

February is the month for drawing faces for the last few years. There is a challenge put forth by Ayala Art called 29 Faces and I decided to try to draw some faces in February. Not 29 most likely...but a few LOL. Here are a couple I thought turned out well...

A really fun experiment we did on the livestream channel is to play with good old fashion embossing powders. This seems to be a upcoming trend in mixed media this year spearheaded by popular artist on the circuit - Seth Apter. Here is the piece I made using lots of different embossing powder tricks and a link to the recorded livestream

I did a fun art journal page using the Austrian master artist Gustav Klimt as inspriation for a challenge from the Facebook group Junk Journal Junkies and Mindful Art.

Well I hope you are all having a fantastic February so far...and maybe I will update this blog again this month! No one knows LOL
Thanks <3 Shel

Monday, January 29, 2018

Happy 2018!

Hello Friends :)

It is almost the end of January and I still have not written a blog post to welcome 2018! Wow, I am always amazed at how fast time flies by. I get busy busy busy and then a month has passed without me noticing. I am sure it is the same for all of you!

So what is happening for January, 2018? Well, I just returned from the big trade show for crafts and hobbies. It is called Creativation and it was held in Phoenix AZ. I went there with the Canvas Corp Brands company to help with their booth. I had so much fun getting to know the owners of the company and some of the design team. We had a fun creativity table set up and many people came and played with fun products at our table. I also brought home lots of products and ideas to get me charged up for the new year of my YouTube channel videos and maybe even some blogging LOL.
Here is a video about my experience -

For 2018 my focus will still be mostly on my Youtube channel and making videos. I really enjoy sharing my art that way. I mostly make small projects like art journal pages, tags, artist trading cards, and small canvases. I then edit the footage into sped up videos of with voice over. This is my preferred type of video to watch, so that is the kind I make. I publish a video every other day onto my channel...unless I am traveling or there is a daily challenge I am participating in.
Here are a few recent ones I made.

In addition to the Shel C - PaperOcotilloStudio channel I work on, Peg Robinson and I have another channel together for livestream videos. These videos are exactly what that sounds like. A real time live video that is streamed onto Youtube. People can watch live and comment as we are going. Ask questions or make comments. They can also watch the video later as a recording. The channel is called ART Joy of Sharing LIVE Stream and we also have a supporting Facebook Group called Art Joy of Sharing that people can join in and share.
Here is the most recent video from our livestreaming channel 

Another fun thing I am continuing to do this year is the Pick A Stick Challenge Facebook Group. We made some little changes to the challenge this year. One word prompts instead of technique driven steps and few prompts with an extra wild card. Here is my January 2018 art journal page video and my January artist trading card video using the new format challenges. You can also ask to join the group here Pick A Stick Challenge Facebook Group

In 2018 I plan to start an Etsy shop with some of my origional art and prints for sale. I might even design some stencils or stamps and add them to the shop. This shop has been asked for repeatedly by my fan group. I will let you know when I get it up and running!

I hope every one of you has had a great start of the new year and are healthy and happy!
Thank you <3 Shel C

Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Cool New Design Team

Hello Friends :)
I just wanted to share my first project made for a new design team I was asked to participate in. The team is for promoting a new shop by Jeri Bellini that sells vintage found items for use in art. It is all about recycling, reusing , re-purposing things into your art. For my first project, I made a quirky art doll. At first she was naked and all her bits and bobs showing. Then I thought..hmm..nudity isn't always pleasing to everyone and I might make a bigger statements if I clothed her in a apron (all sorts of hidden parts and hidden implications there LOL) so I dressed her up. You may like her either way..or both ways! Of course, there is a video of the process you can watch on my Youtube channel.
#recycledparts4art #recyclingartistgang

I hope you enjoy the doll and the video :) Don't forget to check out Jeri's new shop at

Oh and in other news...the drawings for #inktober are still continuing since my last post!
Here are a few more for you :) Witches will be appearing all month!

Thanks for stopping by <3 Shel

Monday, October 9, 2017

What is Going on in October...oooo it is Fall!

Hi Friends :)

Time gets away from me you know! It seems like it spins faster and faster and faster until I just fall right off the merry go round. Speaking of falling...FALL has arrived! Softer light, pretty colors, cooler temperatures. Is it my favorite season? A toss up between Fall and Spring I think. They both have their loves and hates. So what is going on in October?

Well..I am doing that ever more popular daily drawing challenge called Inktober. I am using the list of prompts called #31witches2. The idea is to practice drawing and inking. Of course if I draw it..I have to color it some way. So I am also doing that. I am making my process into video as well...and clumping together 3 days into one video. Here are my drawings so far!

As I look at them as a whole..they are very bright and cheerfully colored. Interesting. Says something about my style LOL. I am housing them all in a paper bag journal I made for the purpose. To see how I made it watch this video.

Here are links to the other videos where I show and talk about my drawing, inking and coloring processes. 

If you are wondering where day 5 went. Peg and I made my day 5 totally 80's witches on a livestream on Peg Robinson's and mine NEW Youtube channel called 'ART Joy of Sharing LIVE Stream' We have a live show on Youtube every Thursday where we do some art and chat with the people who come in to watch. It has been a LOT of fun and I hope some of you join us! Just click the link to subscribe and turn on notifications for the live shows.

Thanks for visiting my blog <3 Shel

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Welcome August :)

Hello Friends :)

So August has arrived. It is so fun here in Arizona in the Summer. Lots of bright sunshine, hot weather, outdoor time and pool time. Some might say it is TOO HOT but not for me..a true transplanted desert rat! The Summer is also monsoon time here in the desert and we have had a record amount of rain this year. Storms every afternoon that sweep in and dump a ridiculous amount of warm water on your head in a few minutes...then sweep back out. The cactus are fat and happy and everything is greening up. LOVE IT! Dance in the rain I say!

So since I last posted I have been having a major studio overhaul which has slowed down my video production a bit. But I do have some fun projects to share as always :) I am moving from my tiny hidden closet studio to a bedroom my kid vacated when he moved 4 hours away for college. The new space has so! But I am torn and twisted feeling moving in there because its HIS room and I don't want him to think he can't come home. I am doing it though. If he does need to come back..I can move it again.  For more about the studio and upcoming plans on my channel...a Vlog is up.

This is the full color version of what I put on the front of the Vlog. It is the second of 6"X6" canvases I am making for my 6,000 subscriber give away on my Youtube channel. It is the culture of Youtube to celebrate milestones with give aways so that is what I am doing. So if you have not yet come over to the video side and subscribed to my it soon :)

Here is the first 6"X6" I did and I still have 4 more to go before I make the announcement to comment and become eligible for the drawings.

Other fun projects I did in the last month.... A few pages in the traveling art journals I have been getting in the mail for the #CCBtravelingartjournalproject. 

This desert scene one was so popular people were asking for prints. So, I went ahead and opened a Society6 store and added it. Since then I have added a few more products with other art I have done and scanned. You can see what is available to order here - 

Our Pick A Stick Challenge is going like gang busters over on Facebook. There are two challenges with prompts monthly. One is a 10 step prompt challenge for a art journal page (the original) and we also added a 3 step prompt challenge for a artist trading card. I have been doing my ATC challenge as a Facebook Live video in the group each month. Here is July's ATC.

The art journal page is a regular speeded up video like I make normally :)

So I hope this gave you a quick overview of what I have been up to..artistically.
To see more art I have made into video form...pop on over to my channel at

Hope to see you there!
<3 Shel

Thursday, June 22, 2017

And Then It Was Almost July....

Hi Friends :)

Welcome to the hot hot Summer season! It is warm in Tucson...really warm...this week. I am inside and keeping cool so I thought I should update my blog. ALL my focus has been on Youtube and producing videos of my artistic processes. The videos come out every other day and it requires quite an effort to keep up that pace. So here are some of the recent photos of what I have made..and the video links too!

To start off with..I have been doing a artist trading card each day in June. This is a fun challenge on social media to build a habit of a little art each day. Everyone just uses the hashtag #ATCAD2017 when they post their artist trading card. Here are some in video form...

There are more videos of course...just pop on over to my channel at Shel C - PaperOcotilloStudio

I have also done some art journal pages. I like to play with prompt lists and try to work around them to complete a page. I have a Facebook group with a couple friends where we offer this sort of a list each month for you to try. It is called 'Pick A Stick Challenge' and you can ask to join HERE I also play in another challenge called Mission Inspiration each month that has a prompt list as well. In addition I joined in with the Canvas Corp Brands Creative Crew and we are doing a traveling art journal project where we do a page featuring CCB products each month and mail the journals around to collect pages from each artist. You can read about this project on the CCB blog HERE
The pages I create are all featured as videos on my channel of course :)


I have enjoyed a recent collaboration with Ayala Art channel. It was a swap collaboration where we both did a mixed media background and sent them to each other. Then we each finished the art piece and mailed them back. It was fun and I plan to do more of these with other artists soon!

So that is just a tiny part of my recent artistic activity. Please come on over to my Youtube channel and check out the rest of the story :) Shel C - PaperOcotilloStudio
<3 Shel

Friday, February 24, 2017

February 2017 Highlights :)

So January is complete and we are almost through February. My goal for my blog this year is to write one post a month highlighting what art I did in that month. My primary sharing has moved to Youtube. I make a video every other day so it is all I can do to write here once a month LOL.

So February.... I joined in a couple of challenges.
The first is on Instagram only. Using the hashtag #28hearts2017. I am making a page with 28 hearts drawn on it. I am filling in one a day and posting the photo of it on Instagram using the hashtag. When complete the page will go in my 'My Life 2017' art journal/album. Here is a photo of where it is at right now. You can use the #28hearts2017 on Instagram to see each individual heart.

Another challenge is the #29faces challenge by Ayala Art. Unfortunately as I write this I am only to face #14. I will catch up though! I am making a flip book of my faces using shipping tags. is a Facebook! A few highlights of those faces...

I am doing my regular art journaling challenges as well of course. I enjoy these step prompt challenges the MOST! Mission Inspiration by Mike Deakin Art.

And of course..the challenge from our own Facebook Group Pick A Stick Challenge. I offered a coloring page of one of my illustrations this month along with my page enjoy coloring :)

I also had fun doing some very dimensional projects this month. A gift canvas in a steampunk theme for my kid's birthday. I added this one to the #loveart event for the Creative Arts Collaboration.

And a recycled/repurposed heart shaped tin. I did this one as part of our four month long 'shimmery art collaboration with Peg Robinson, Yva Lovee' Arts, and Ina Solsbury on Youtube.

This month has also offered a 4000 subscriber give away in which 4 people have won a personalised canvas made by me. I have completed one so far as I write this. Some paper painted roses with a spiral shape theme.

Of course there are many more things on offer over at my Youtube channel :) Come on over and see!